Hey, here’s my number.  I’d love to dicuss a project or maybe the state of the world.  – Leland

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  1. I love your work! I am having trouble getting the detail when fusing on a bisque ceramic mask that I made….the mold is about 6″x8″….your Buddha mask is very clear and can see the detail, very nice….I am draping my glass over the mold, not slumping in…do you have the firing info on your glass mask? Did you fire over -drape- or slump-fite glass in the’s very cool! thanks ! Roberta Goto

    • Hi Roberta, Thank you for the compliments. The Buddha mask was draped over a mold I carved out of Kaiser board. You always lose some detail. My firing schedule (if I could find it from over a decade ago) won’t help you much as each kiln is different. You just have to try different slumping times, if you have a peep hole in your kiln keep an eye on the progress. Also, this mask was made with irid glass face down, which keeps it from sticking to the kiln shelf or mold. I hope that helps! Leland

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